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Data Protection Tools

Our key focus is to protect the University data, Intellectual Property & Personal Identifiable Information (PII), that is housed on individual workstations. We will use multiple applications in combination to address this initiative.

Antivirus Software

To be in compliance with UConn’s security policies, antivirus must be installed and running on your computer. The SafeConnect portion of the secureU suite will determine if a computer is in compliance.

Identity Finder
Software that gives users the ability to find and remediate sensitive data on computers, helping to prevent loss and identity theft. UConn is using Identity Finder to proactively locate sensitive data in order to protect our constituents.

Encryption Software
secureU program utilizes encryption technology to increase the protection to University data. The secureU team will first assess if computers are protected with McAfee Endpoint Encryption. If they are not, and there is no encryption software installed and running, they will install Microsoft Bitlocker Encryption software.

Enterprise File Storage
Provides UConn faculty and staff access to secure data storage that is backed up nightly and available anytime from anywhere. EFS will create a Personal home directory (P:\) and Shared departmental directory as part of the secureU services.